About Toad Tranquility

For everyone wanting a little back story and to understand us here at Toad Tranquility a little more.

We started in March of 2021 and have been growing ever since. Toad Tranquility was created by a 23 year old female entrepreneur named Claire. We are based out of Salmon Arm, British Columbia but ship all over Canada and the USA. This is where Claire built this brand out of her basement. She has put a lot of time, effort and brain power into this brand trying to make something that everyone can feel comfortable with using, no matter if you have sensitive skin or allergy or just want to feel good about the products that your using on your body. Everything that we make is organic, natural, animal cruelty free, as well as handmade.  We have a large variety of product from bath bombs to body scrubs, foot scrubs, lip scrubs, body butter, hair masks, and even a spray. If you ever cant find something your looking for, one thing that makes Toad Tranquility different is they do custom orders. So if you like a certain smell or texture or if you have allergies you can contact us directly and we can work with you to make something that you will love. Toad Tranquility also does gift baskets and party favors, so no matter who your buying for or what your looking for we will work with you to give you exactly what you want.